Applied Optics Laboratory at the University of Zagreb's Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing possesses a combined experience in optical and microwave communications system and sensor development. 

Our strength rests on strong ties with the industry, learning and solving actual problems appearing in a wide variety of fields: from optical propagation in fibers and transceiver technology, through microwave signal generation, amplification, and emission to sensors used in civil and mechanical engineering.

We would like to hear about your technical issues whether they are of design or characterization nature, and try to assist you in solving them. The highlights of types of measurements and analysis perform and associated equipment we own are listed below:

(1) Single-mode and multimode optical link characterization at ≤3.2 Gbps and  ≤10Gbps (two systems) intensity modulated data streams  including clock-and-data recovery and bit-error rate testing for digital communications.

(2) Optical fiber links can be characterized with Optical Time-Domain Reflectometry with minimum pulse width of 10 ns.

(3) We are equipped to analyze electrical signal/integrity issues with Time-Domain Reflectometry (35-ps rise time) and small-signal spectrum analysis (≤40 GHz). We also offer signal integrity analysis.

(4) We characterize microwave photonic systems, linearity, modulation transfer (EVM, IP3) with frequencies up to 7.5 GHz.

(5) We design and characterize broadband microwave amplifiers in S, C, X, and Ka bands. Digital and analog modulation.

(6) We design and characterize antennas, planar and conformal microwave circuits, and transmission lines with operating frequencies up to 40 GHz.

Besides measurements and analysis, we assist in the design of optical and microwave communication systems, and we build prototypes and test them.

If you have a need for performance improvement, component replacement with an alternate design, or in-depth characterization of an electronic or optical component, feel free to contact us.