Research interests:

  • optical communication systems
  • optical sources for measurement applications
  • optical sensors
  • modeling and analysis of complex electromagnetic structures
  • advanced waveguiding structures


Currently I am working on several projects primarily connected with ultra-stable optical measurement sources and optical sensors for temperature and vibration monitoring.



Projects list

  • Ultra-stable laser source for nephelometry, PoC04_01_17, BICRO, 2013-2014.
  • NEWFOCUS - New frontiers in millimetre / submillimetre waves integrated dielectric focusing systems, ESF project, od 2010.
  • COST TD 1001: Novel and Reliable Optical Fibre Sensor Systems for Future Security and Safety Applications (OFSeSa) , od 2010. 
  • LAFMOT - Luneberg Antenna For Multimedia On Train (EUREKA Cluster proj
  • ect: PIDEA + EURIPIDES), 2007-2010.
  • Analysis of Curved Frequency Selective Surfaces, European Office of Aerospace Research and Development (EOARD), 2007-2008.
  • Elektromagnetski učinci i strukture u komunikacijskim sustavima, Projekt 036-0361566-1570 Ministarstva znanosti i tehnologije RH, od 2007.
  • COST Action 299, Fibres for new chalenges facing the information society, 2005-2009.