Ultra-stable light sources

Project goal is to build a prototype of ultra-stable portable light source based on LED or VCSEL diode which can emit light of constant intensity (<0.5%) independent of temperature (between 10°C i 50°C) and time, and has low power consumption (battery powered). Aimed stability is a magnitude better compared to any other portable source on the market and it is required in high-precision measurements that use light for measuring physical properties of liquids and gases (turbidimeters and nephelometers, environmental and meteorological monitoring, medicine and pharmacy, etc.). Developed source is a sub-component which we plan to offer to manufacturers of various measurement systems since we can optimize the characteristics of the source to meet specific market demands.


Project title: Ultra-stable light sources for nephelometry

Project ID: BICRO PoC4_01_17

Leading institution: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb

Duration: 12 months (starting 1.1.2013.)

Project budget: 313.100,00 HRK