KDDI Research and Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI) have announced that their successful ultra-high capacity optical fibre transmission experiment has broken the world record for transmission capacity through a single optical fibre (2.15 petabits/second). The group achieved 10.16 petabits/s over multicore optical fibre, which enables 114-space multiplicity.

With a transmission capacity of 10 petabits/second, data for 25,000 Blu-ray disks (50 GB/both sides) would be transmitted in one second, or 100 million people could simultaneously communicate at 100 megabits.

SEI commented, “The mobile communication system after 5G will require innovations both in wireless technologies and in the network and optical fibre transmission technologies that support them. Our new technology would be expected to be a key technology that will support broadband and a low latency mobile communications system after 5G and will provide new experiences and services.”



Author: AOLab
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