LGS Innovations (Herndon, VA) has been selected to support the NASA Integrated Laser Communication Relay Demonstration (LCRD) Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) User Modem and Amplifier (ILLUMA) project. For this pathfinder program, LGS will develop a free-space optical modem that will fly aboard the International Space Station as the first demonstration of a fully operational, end-to-end optical communications system. The ILLUMA modem will incorporate free-space laser communications and fiber laser technology from LGS.

"The LGS modem will not only provide the space station a next generation optical communications terminal, but will also allow for improved size, weight, and power over previous RF communications systems," said Kevin Kelly, CEO of LGS Innovations. "By increasing communications efficiency, we will help facilitate a faster exchange of data to the scientific community. We are proud to support NASA's mission and drive the evolution of photonics technology."


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Author: AOLab
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