Instant diagnosis of major diseases, the eradication of all road accidents, and the creation of 1 million new jobs in Europe are some of the benefits that will be generated by the Photonics sector by 2030 according to a new vision paper published by Photonics21.

The vision paper, "Europe's Age of Light," sets out a new strategy for the future of European photonics highlighting what could be achieved if this technology is maintained by the EU as a key funding priority in FP9. The paper was created through consultation with the photonics community, including more than 1700 companies and research organizations.
The paper demonstrates how photonics or light-based technologies are critical to enabling a future where driverless vehicles can eradicate road accidents, where advanced healthcare diagnostics allow instant detection of disease, and where industrial production will be revolutionized creating 1 million new jobs by 2030.

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Author: AOLab
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