Vision of the Laboratory

The activities of the AOLab are focused on scientific research, consulting and educational activities linked to modern optical communication components and sytems, and also optical sensing systems. Our experience was gathered in both theoretical and practical research in photonics on projects spanning from WDM-PON networks and components to optical vibration sensors. With these and many other projects we are building foundations of a reference laboratory in Croatia in the field of applied optics.   

Primary research directions can be gruped into two main categories

  • optical communications
  • optical sensors and actuators 


Main research interests of AOLab are the following:

  • Research and development of new generation optical communication systems with special interest in passive optical networks
  • Research and development of optical sensors based on optical fibers as sensing elements
  • Optoelectronic components development
  • Development of new methods of analysis for optical and other electromagnetic structures and components
  • Research and development in the field of LED lighting

AOLab is aslo involved in the organization of several conferences and workshops in the field of applied optics.