Integrated Body-Centric Communication and Sensor Systems

One of the major challenges in the development of components for body-centric systems is to design a device that can at the same time satisfy technical requirements and fulfil non-technical requests. For example, on-body devices should be aesthetically acceptable and suitable for wearable applications, while implantable devices should be small and made of biologically acceptable materials. Various applications has led to many breakthroughs in body-centric systems focused on healthcare, fitness, civil services and entertainment. Therefore, the goal of the project is to individually develop and subsequently integrate different devices for body-centric systems and to extend their communication and sensing possibilities using new technologies. All elements of the sensor and communication system will be considered: in-body (implantable sensor capsule), on-body (wearable smart-vest and smart-skin) and off-body (multibeam antenna system for tracking and communication in indoor environment). In these developments we will use novel concepts w hich w ere recently introduced, such as metasurfaces, periodic structures with higher symmetry, textile w aveguide antennas, implantable antennas designed by follow ingfundamental limits on radiated power, and machine learning optimized scanning. The design process will start with analytic modelling of canonical cases, realization of proof-of-concept prototypes, and finally development of components suitable for integration into a body-centric system. This will allow development of a unified system w hich w ill have the potential to provide extensive real-time sensing information for multiple persons or objects in various environments. By reaching the final objective and demonstrating a functional multipurpose body-centric sensing and communication system prototype we will have a platform which will have potential to serve as backbone in various biomedical application fields and also in other industrial fields inspired by new applications.