A new automated laser provides successful bird deterrent results after a few months of use at a blueberry farm in Oregon. Since adopting the laser as a bird deterrent solution, the blueberry farm each year saves around $100,000 dollars and increases revenue by 33%. Justin Meduri, farm operations manager at Meduri Farms in Jefferson, OR has a 168 acre that has suffered damage to approximately 25% of the overall potential crop volume.

The automated laser from Agrilaser Autonomic via local solutions integrator Oregon Vineyard Supply is used at blueberry farms around the world such as John Benson in Australia and the blueberry research farm of Oregon State University. There are 6,000 users of the laser technology worldwide. Justin was intrigued by the possibility of the laser and leased the systems for the season from June until October. "It has been a success story ever since," he reports.


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Author: AOLab
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