Most beer is made from four primary ingredients: grains, hops, yeast and water. The basic ingredients for bread are flour, yeast, water and salt. Throw a supercontinuum laser combined with near-IR into the mix and researchers say they can produce better quality beer and healthier bread.

Researchers from Denmark’s University of Copenhagen Department of Food Science and Aarhus University Department of Chemistry are using an NKT Photonics supercontinuum laser at wavelengths from 2260 to 2380 nm to study the content of the dietary fiber beta-glucan in barley seeds. Tine Ringsted, a postdoc at the Department of Food Science, told Photonics Media that the supercontinuum laser is directed into a monochromator for wavelength selection and the selected wavelengths are then focused onto the seed and measured after transmission through the barley seed.



Author: AOLab
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